Real Fruits . Real Taste

We are the only juice bar in town who open up these possibilities. Up to 40 fruits, veggies and toppings for you to Mix & Match and we will juice it for you instantly without adding sugar, coloring nor concentrate with the innovative cold-pressed juicer. It is believed that cold-pressed juicing maintain most of the nutrition and enzyme of the fruits.

Dochi Product Types

Select up to 3 of your preferred fruits and veggies from our list, feel free to add toppings to enhance the taste and boost the nutrients of your juice.

  • Booster – Strengthen and Protect, juice up your day.
  • Healing – Restore and Repair, feel good again.
  • Detox – Cleanse your body and stay fit.
  • Rejuvenate – Refresh body and mind, revive yourself.

Select your favorite fruits and enjoy them with chilling crushed ice. Beat the heat out there with Dochi Smoothies.

The Best Fruit Juice For You

We are group of fruits juice advocates that wish to cultivate healthy lifestyle by adding more fruits and veggies to your daily diet. We are the official partner of Dochi Juice Taiwan who owns the patented menu selection system that provide information such as nutrition values and calories for you to make the right juice combination.

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